Acupuncture is a traditional medical treatment that has been used for thousands of years.  Thin needles are inserted into the body’s skin, fascia, or muscles to treat a number of different conditions. Countless research studies have attempted to define how acupuncture works. Some of the most accepted theories include the following:

  • releases trigger points and tension along muscles and fascia to improve movement and circulation
  • stimulates the central nervous system to change pain signals
  • releases peripheral nerve flow and entrapment sites
  • stimulates blood perfusion to increase the rate of cellular repair
  • restarts the body’s immune response to correct poor healing
  • stimulates specific organ systems via the autonomic nervous system
  • balances poor distribution of energy aggregation

At Focus, we have discovered acupuncture to be an enormously effective supplement to myofascial release and exercise. It has been proven to significantly increase the rate of healing and decrease inflammation and pain.  David Vrsalovic has years of training in numerous different styles of acupuncture and Western Medicine.  He attempts to seamlessly incorporate the principles of acupuncture both as a treatment modality and as an overall conceptual model of balancing and releasing the body’s constrictions.

Following acupuncture school, he developed and completed an independent study with cadavers comparing acupuncture meridians to peripheral nerve distribution  and myofascial pathways.  This has allowed him to bridge the intellectual gap between manipulative medicine and acupuncture.  By superimposing the body’s anatomy with a traditional acupuncture map, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the body’s different pathways of energy supply and function.  David practices numerous styles of acupuncture, including:  trigger point dry needling, classical Chinese, Japanese meridian, and auricular.  Through this highly specialized training, David has developed a unique and holistic approach to the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic disorders.

In addition, diet and lifestyle imbalances are assessed to address issues of constipation, poor acidic balance, sinus congestion, and hormonal disharmony which can all slow the body’s natural healing systems.