Often considered a deep tissue massage approach, Rolfing works between all the layers of muscular and fascial tissue to ease strain patterns by manipulating the connective tissue system. 

Clients often find that Rolfing helps to reduce pain and chronic muscle tension, generally resulting from physical and emotional traumas.

Rolfing is used by many professional athletes to break up scar tissue, rehabilitate injuries, and increase range of motion to improve performance and avoid future injuries. Dancers and musicians often use the work to enhance comfort in their bodies while performing, as well as avoid repetitive stress injuries. 

Minki Kim, BA LCMT
Physical Therapist

Minki Kim thinks you are a unique individual. You are more than just a set of issues that need correcting. You’re a whole person with feelings, behaviors, thoughts, and goals with social roles within a larger community and society. He emphasizes client-centered care whereby the patient’s goals and meaningful activities provide a framework for personalized therapy. He treats you as a whole person and wants you to feel heard, seen, and listened to. You don’t neatly fit into a biomedical mold, rather I mold my abilities towards you, your story, and your goals. “With a background in Rolfing Structural Integration, I employ a spectrum of touch to induce calm and ease rather than excite and stress the system. I promote self-dependence, confidence, and control back into people’s lives.” He tries his best to rely on evidence and science-based research to effectively promote our natural ability to heal and move by using hands-on techniques, movement/exercise approaches, and education. He has a background in psychology and finds himself down plenty of rabbit holes in anatomy and physiology, science-based care, honing his humanistic/person-centered care, neuroscience, and pain research. In his off time, he’s with his 2 young kids, likes to cook, and settling in in his new home in NJ.

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