Within the paradigm that food is often the best medicine, Integrative Nutrition seeks to help clients learn how to maximize their health potential through the benefits of proper food sources. 

The foundation of Integrative Nutrition lies in the understanding that no two people are exactly the same – neither are their nutritional needs. The proper nutrition and supplement protocols can help normalize inflammatory issues and increase overall health and well being.

“Jessica has help me take back control of my body with her support and guidance… She is always there to help guide you every step of the way. I’m getting to my goal weight, but more importantly, I feel really good!” – Bianca 

Jessica Berliner, MS
Clinical Integrative Nutritionist

Jessica received a Bachelors of Science in Food and Dietetics from New York University. Following several years in the field, she developed an interest in utilizing food sources to help heal the body. She traveled to the west coast to study at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, where she received a Masters of Science in Integrative Nutrition. Jessica uses her knowledge to help normalize inflammatory issues that plague many of us. She utilizes nutrition and supplement protocols to aid women with fertility. Jessica enjoys working with mothers to create healthy and nutritious meals for children of all ages. Her scope includes lecturing on numerous topics: cancer care management, nutritional concerns for addictions and dependencies, organic foods and nutrition related to chronic illnesses. We hope that Jessica can help each of us learn how to maximize our health potential through the benefits of proper food sources.