Dr. David Vrsalovic
DPT, Cert MDT, L.Ac.

Founder/Clinical Director
Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist

Dr. David Vrsalovic earned his Master of Science in physical therapy from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and later received  his Doctorate from Northeastern University.  Through his years of continuing education David has become a certified provider of Active Release Techniques and the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine. His training and studies have focused on manual therapy and osteopathic techniques.  David went on to earn a second Masters degree and a board certified license in Acupuncture.  Following acupuncture school, he developed and completed an independent study with cadavers comparing acupuncture meridians to peripheral nerve distribution  and myofascial pathways.  David practices numerous styles of acupuncture, including:  trigger point dry needling, classical Chinese, Japanese meridian, and auricular.  Through this highly specialized training, David has developed a unique and holistic approach to the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic disorders.

Through the years, David’s treatments have evolved to ensure that his decades of clinical experience is in lock step with the always changing body of current medical research.  So whether you are an elite athlete, or simply want to be able to sit with less pain, the approach is unique to you.  Stay away from blanket approaches and cookbooks, as not all conditions are the same.  We are all a unique research study of our own, and David will walk together with you to figure out the complicated web of information.

On a personal level, David enjoys running, playing tennis, basketball, weight lifting, yoga, hiking, and kayaking.  David also enjoys studying philosophy, physics, history, and geo-political events.


Kate Horrigan

Physical Therapist

Kate received her physical therapy degree from NYU.  Her continuing studies took her to California where she completed a year long residency and certification in Australian Manual Therapy.  Subsequently, she has studied craciosacral therapy, zero balancing. A.R.T and Neurodevelopmental Technique.  Kate’s specialized pediatric training includes infants with hypotonia and developmental delay, torticollis, genetic disorders, and cerebral palsy.  Her unique combination of orthopedic manual therapy and pediatric specialties brings a wonderful balance to Focus’s staff.  Her handling skills and facilitation of typical movement patterns are also influenced through her study of Pilates and Yoga.  Kate believes in looking beyond a patient’s diagnosis to see the whole person and to formulate a treatment approach accordingly.


Alexandra Williamson

Pilates Teacher

Alexandra is a graduate of Montclair State University. A Dean’s List and Honors recipient, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a Minor in Musical Theater. After recovering from a back injury, Alexandra took interest in Pilates. It was recommended to her to help keep her body healthy and injury free. Alexandra received her first Pilates Certification from Steele Pilates in New York City. Then continued her education with BASI Pilates. “Pilates is a great way to cross train for any physical activity. You relieve stress, gain flexibility, and leave class feeling taller!” Alexandra has continuing education credits in Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Pilates for the Aging Population, Dancers and Athletes, and is currently working toward a Neuroplasticity credit. She currently dances professionally for Darrah Carr Dance, Jennifer Chin, Moe-Tion Dance Theater and DiMauro Dance Company. She is also on staff at Hofstra University and Union County College where she teaches Dance.